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  1. your shipping charges are outrageous. just receieved 41lb package from the usps the cost was $21.37 package came from washington

    1. I do not make a profit on shipping. My site calculates shipping charges on the fly by communicating directly with FedEx Home or USPS Priority.

      Weight of the package is not important in the case of my bait pens. They go by volume. Box sizes are; 2×2 pen – 25x25x8 8lbs, 4×2 – 49x25x8 13lbs and 4×2 – 49x25x13 16lbs. Shipped from zip 33953, check pricing yourself.

  2. can somebody tell me is the mesh use in this pens will hold small pilchards ????
    thanks !!!

  3. The bigger one would for sure. The 2 foot one might have trouble holding 10 fish that big. My neighbor was catching mangrove snapper, about 10-13 inches long and putting them in her 2′ bait pen for a week. She had nearly 7 or 8 in there once when I saw them and they looked healthy and not terribly crowded. Throw a handful of shrimp in with them.


  4. I camp/fish for up to 4 days. Saltwater. Sheepshead.
    I can’t keep ice long enough to store my catch that long.
    You think your big pen would keep 5 -10 sheepshead contained And alive for 3 to4 days?
    Say about 15 ” and 3lbs each?

  5. Hello
    Received my Bait Basket a few hours ago and all I have to say is:

    I already have it tied to my dock and my neighbors where all impressed with it as well.
    I have a feeling I may end up be the neighborhood live bait supplier.

    Just wanted to thank you for a great product and also mention that I appreciated the super fast shipping.

    Very impressed and will recommend your company to others


    Palm Harbor FL

  6. do you make one that will fit in a 5 gal bucket? When I wade fish I pick up some live shrimp in a 5 gal bucket and would like some type of basket to fit in the bucket that I can drag behind me as I fish.

    thanks, jim

  7. Hi Mike,
    There are 2 floats on each pen attached by 3 cable ties each. It would be simple to cut the 6 ties and remove the floats. You might still want to put a brick or weight in the bottom of the pen to keep it submerged, they aren’t very heavy. Not like a metal pen.


  8. Can the floats be removed so we can lower to the bottom or just off the bottom ? In my marina the top 36″ of the water column becomes very warm and my baits seems to die much quicker so i lower to a cooler column bait stays better.

    Thank You

  9. Hi Rich,
    It does NOT hold eels. I had a customer try it. While he could not figure out how they were getting out he said they slowly disappeared from the pen. Having fished eels many times myself I know they are slippery and can be very strong. I suspect they were climbing out of the water and forcing their way under the lid which is held down by an elastic lanyard.

  10. Hey there, this looks like a great product you made… I am thinking of using the smaller one to hold eels off of my slip. How do you think this would contain those slippery bastards and how can I order one..
    Thanks, Rich

  11. Roughly how many Large size (12-14 inch( Bunker (Menahaden) will it hold?

  12. Hi Dan,
    My basket is currently holding 6 editable sized, blue crabs. They are unable to tear the netting to get out. I have seen a monster crab leave some scrape marks in the netting but they have never torn it.

    I also had 3-5 inch finger mullet in the pen with the crabs. I used them up slowly over 3 weeks. The crabs have been in there around 5 weeks.

    Shipping is about $10.00 to anywhere in the continental US. I ship by FedEx and to NC it is normally 3 days or less. Order anytime today or tomorrow early and I will get it to Fedex tomorrow afternoon. You should get it Friday at the latest.


  13. I’m thinking of purchasing one but have a question on the netting. Is your polyethelyne netting something that crabs can tear open? I’ve had the kind similar to that sold on and ended up with lots of holes in it and the bait escaped. We are typically keeping 3 – 6 inch finger mullet and small pogies (menhaden) in it. Also, how much is your shipping to NC and if I ordered today, could I receive in less than 1 week. Thanks.

  14. We have been using our bait pen all summer long, and it’s great! We are now using it to store blue crabs, it works better than other keepers! JL

  15. I got the pen a week ago and am very impressed. I keep all sorts and sizes of live bait; spot, minnows, eels etc. Crabs were tearing through all of my previous nylon pens from the outside and eventually releasing all of my bait. This is not the case with the much more durable, semi-rigid mesh that is used on these pens. Nice product with good components. Thanks.

  16. This is a great design and quality of construction is fantastic! it will get a lot of use, as a bait keeper and as blue claw crab holder. I need more than one! Thanks Joe LoPinto

  17. Hi Kurt,
    That net is the most expensive part of the bait pen and only comes in large rolls.

    I’m also surprised to hear it was damaged by a fall out of your truck, it is tough stuff. But I guess hitting something at 70 MPH might cause some damage.

    Which piece is damaged? How much net would you need? To replace all the netting on the basket would be about $35.00. But if you only need a section or if you could use a patch it might be cheaper. Also do you need cable ties? I could get them to you much cheaper than going to Home Depot.


  18. I bought this bait pen last year, and it has performed well. While transporting it, it fell out of the boat and onto the road and got damaged. I cannot find the 1/4″ netting anywhere to repair it. Is it possible for you to send me some of this material so I can salvage the pen?

  19. When checking out I checked the manual button which was wrong I wanted to pay by credit card. How would I go about this?

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