I ship via FedEx Ground (Home).

If I get an order before noon on a week day the order will normally go out that afternoon. I do have unusual days when I get more orders than I have stock in which case the orders will usually go out the next day.

An order received after noon will ship the following day except on Friday (if I can’t get it out Friday afternoon) it will go out the following Monday. I do not ship Saturday or Sunday. FedEx will deliver on Saturday.

Shipping in Florida is almost always delivered the next day. Shipping to more distant locations, California for instance, can be 5 days. You’ll find a transit time estimator for FedEx here: FedEx Transit Time Estimator. I am shipping from zip code 33953.

My shipping price is fixed so everyone pays the same. It was calculated by averaging actual shipping cost from across the continental USA and adding the cost of the shipping box.