About Us

My Dad was taking me fishing since before I can even remember. My first memories are of being in his little aluminum Starcraft on Rogers Lake in Connecticut. He liked to troll when in the boat and always had a line off the dock with a shiner when we weren’t in the boat. Fishing has given me peace through many tough times in my life. If you’re reading this you know what I mean. — Thanks Dad!

When I moved to Florida I found bait was much more available than when I was up north. Throw a net in the right place and fill up a live well. I like to leave very ealry, usually in the dark, for my fishing trips and I like to have my bait on hand. So I started experimenting with ways to keep them overnight so I could catch them the day before. That lead me, over a year or so, to the bait pen design you now see on my website. My fishing buddies started asking me to help them make one and eventually it got so that I was offered money to make them. Since my real job is website design and marketing I decided to see what would happen if I built a website.

Well, what happened is I started selling bait pens and found it to be a nice part time business. I continue to try to improve the design. I’m always open to suggestions.