Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Drum, Myakka River, Charlotte Harbor, FL
The weather got so nice this morning we decided to buy a couple dozen shrimp and get on the water for a couple hours. We stayed in the canal and hit a few of our favorite spots.

Within 10 minutes we had our first redfish in the boat. It was small and the 6 we got over the next few hours ranged from 15″ to just under 17.” No dinner there but fun to catch anyway.

But we did get dinner when the black drum turned on. We got 5 total but only 2 were keeper sized 15″ and 16″. And one oddball sheepshead was 13″ so into the cooler it went. We did get a few snapper but they were all very small, around 8″ And no junk fish at all, I did get a blue crab to hold on until it was over the deck of the boat.

A nice day out, fish for dinner!