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4x2 bait pen posed

  • Cylindrical, Bait Won't Hurt Themselves Swimming Into a Corner
  • All Plastic, No Corroding Parts
  • 1/4" Netting is High Density Polyethylene, UV Resistant, Semi Rigid and Extremely Durable
  • Frame is Solid (not flexible conduit) 1/2" PVC Pipe and Fixtures All Solvent Welded
  • Lid Opens on a PVC Hinge
  • Elastic Lanyard Keeps Cover Securely Closed
  • Collapses to 8" High for Easy Storage
Keep your live bait fish healthier and alive much longer in this durable, easy to use bait pen.

Cylindrical Design

No Cornering

4x2 bait pen collapsed
The cylindrical design of this bait basket will prolong the life of any bait fish that likes to swim because there are no corners or even vertical supports for them to swim into (commonly called cornering) and hurt themselves. This includes menhaden, herring, sardines, mullet, silver jennies and many others. As they swim around they will contact no obstacles but the smooth 1/4 inch mesh screen.

All UV Resistant Plastic

No Metal, No Corrosion

The bait pen is made completely of plastic with no metal parts to rust or corrode in the water especially salt water which is where I use mine. The basket offered here is brand new, has never been in the water. The frame is solid (not flexible conduit) PVC pipe and fixtures all solvent welded. The net is a special high density polyethylene, UV resistant, semi rigid and extremely durable 1/4 inch mesh. Sturdy enough for long years of use and fine enough to use for shrimp if that's what you need to pen. All net and ties are of UV resistant plastic for many years of use in direct sun.
4x2 bait pen opened

Spacious 107 Gallons

Yet it Collapses to 8" Tall

Fully opened the bait pen measures 48 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep (about 107 gallons) but by removing the 2 center rods (store them in the collapsed bait pen) the bait pen will collapse to just 8 inches high (including handle) by 48 inches by 24 inches for storage. I wrap the dock line (10 feet included) around the collapsed bait basket to keep it secured in the collapsed state. It is quickly returned to full height by inserting the 2 center rods into the top and bottom fixtures in the center of the basket.

Lid is PVC Frame and Hinge

Wide Opening, Secure Seal

The lid opens on a PVC frame and hinge to reveal one half of the entire top of the bait pen. An elastic lanyard is stretched over the handle to keep the lid firmly closed but is easily grabbed by the plastic ball on the lanyard for ease of releasing the cover when netting your bait fish.
4x2 bait pen cover closed

High Density Polyethylene Netting

Rugged, Durable, Long Lasting

A foam column is attached on the top, to keep the basket afloat when in the water. It is attached inside the basket to keep it from catching and tearing on dock pilings, boat motors, rocks or anything sharp it may come into contact with. The polyethylene mesh is more than heavy enough to keep from tearing easily on these obstructions. I've walked out on my dock in the early morning to see a small alligator sitting on top of my bait basket, tired and hungry but unable to bother my bait fish. I often use it to keep crabs alive until I get a chance to cook them. They try but they are unable to cut there way out, therfore your bait is save from crabs trying to get in.

See the new Instructional Video

The video shows the 2′ X 2′ fishing live bait pen and how it expands for use and collapses for storage. You also get a good idea of the toughness of the netting and simplicity of it’s construction. The 4′ X 2′ fishing live bait pen works in the same way except it has 2 uprights on either side of the door instead of the single, centrally located, upright shown in the 2′ X 2′ pen video.
View Video

1/4" mesh net, Extra-Tough High Density Polyethylene, UV resistant, no metal parts to rust or corrode, solvent welded frame, collapses to 8" tall, cover is hinged with an elastic, ball ended, lanyard for quick access.

Price: $ 215.00

Shipping:$ 50.00

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3 thoughts on “Fishing Live Bait Pen 4 x 2 x 2

  1. very nice.
    How long do you think i leave the pen in tx bay (salt water) continously without damaging.
    intersted in 4×4

    • The netting is extremely durable. I take my pen out of the water and leave it in the sun on the dock about 2 or 3 times a month. A few days in the sun will kill anything that is trying to grow on it.

      My neighbor leaves hers in the water always. It grows a huge hairy weed on it. She claims white bait eats this stuff and it helps keep her bait alive longer. She might be right. She pressure washes it when it gets too heavy, once a year or so.

      But we are in brackish water so your growth might be a little different. But the netting endures pressure washing, no problem.

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