2x2 bait pen posed

24″ Dia. x 24″ Deep

  • Cylindrical, Bait Won’t Hurt Themselves Swimming Into a Corner
  • All Plastic, No Corroding Parts
  • 1/4″ Netting is High Density Polyethylene, UV Resistant, Semi Rigid and Extremely Durable
  • Frame is Solid (not flexible conduit) 1/2″ PVC Pipe and Fixtures All Solvent Welded
  • Lid Opens on a PVC Hinge
  • Elastic Lanyard Keeps Cover Securely Closed
  • Collapses to 8″ High for Easy Storage


4x2 bait pen posed

48″ Long x 24″ Deep x 24″ High

  • Cylindrical, Bait Won’t Hurt Themselves Swimming Into a Corner
  • All Plastic, No Corroding Parts
  • 1/4″ Netting is High Density Polyethylene, UV Resistant, Semi Rigid and Extremely Durable
  • Frame is Solid (not flexible conduit) 1/2″ PVC Pipe and Fixtures All Solvent Welded
  • Lid Opens on a PVC Hinge
  • Elastic Lanyard Keeps Cover Securely Closed
  • Collapses to 8″ High for Easy Storage


fishing pole caddy

Fishing Pole Caddy

Holds up to 6 fishing poles making transport from home to truck to boat a simple, tangle free joy.

Great for the pier, beach or boat and easy storage at home….just grab and go and your ready to fish.


70 thoughts on “Home

  1. Looking forward to using the Bait pen. Very easy to do busness with these guys. I had questions and they were answered very quickly. I received the product about 2-3 days after ordering it.

  2. When checking out I checked the manual button which was wrong I wanted to pay by credit card. How would I go about this?

    • Click “Checkout” in the menu and then “Remove” the item from your cart. Then you can start your shopping again. The site should remember all your shipping data so you won’t have to retype it.

  3. I bought this bait pen last year, and it has performed well. While transporting it, it fell out of the boat and onto the road and got damaged. I cannot find the 1/4″ netting anywhere to repair it. Is it possible for you to send me some of this material so I can salvage the pen?

  4. Hi Kurt,
    That net is the most expensive part of the bait pen and only comes in large rolls.

    I’m also surprised to hear it was damaged by a fall out of your truck, it is tough stuff. But I guess hitting something at 70 MPH might cause some damage.

    Which piece is damaged? How much net would you need? To replace all the netting on the basket would be about $35.00. But if you only need a section or if you could use a patch it might be cheaper. Also do you need cable ties? I could get them to you much cheaper than going to Home Depot.


  5. This is a great design and quality of construction is fantastic! it will get a lot of use, as a bait keeper and as blue claw crab holder. I need more than one! Thanks Joe LoPinto

  6. I got the pen a week ago and am very impressed. I keep all sorts and sizes of live bait; spot, minnows, eels etc. Crabs were tearing through all of my previous nylon pens from the outside and eventually releasing all of my bait. This is not the case with the much more durable, semi-rigid mesh that is used on these pens. Nice product with good components. Thanks.

  7. We have been using our bait pen all summer long, and it’s great! We are now using it to store blue crabs, it works better than other keepers! JL

  8. I’m thinking of purchasing one but have a question on the netting. Is your polyethelyne netting something that crabs can tear open? I’ve had the kind similar to that sold on baitpen.com and ended up with lots of holes in it and the bait escaped. We are typically keeping 3 – 6 inch finger mullet and small pogies (menhaden) in it. Also, how much is your shipping to NC and if I ordered today, could I receive in less than 1 week. Thanks.

  9. Hi Dan,
    My basket is currently holding 6 editable sized, blue crabs. They are unable to tear the netting to get out. I have seen a monster crab leave some scrape marks in the netting but they have never torn it.

    I also had 3-5 inch finger mullet in the pen with the crabs. I used them up slowly over 3 weeks. The crabs have been in there around 5 weeks.

    Shipping is about $10.00 to anywhere in the continental US. I ship by FedEx and to NC it is normally 3 days or less. Order anytime today or tomorrow early and I will get it to Fedex tomorrow afternoon. You should get it Friday at the latest.


    • Unfortunately the bunker here in SW Florida are not that big so I can’t really answer your question. But I would think you could put a dozen in there for overnight to use the next day. But that is a big fish for this bait pen. Especially since menhaden are not happy in captivity. I keep 20 3-4 inch menhaden for about a week. They are pretty tired at the end of that time. I don’t think they get the food they need. My neighbor never takes her bait pen out of the water, it has a thick layer of moss or algae on it and her menhaden do better than mine. We think they must eat that mossy stuff. I take mine out and hose it off when not in use. Mullet and pinfish will live for a long time in my pen. I’ve never kept them more than 2 weeks but they seem very healthy after that time.

      I also have a larger pen coming to the website soon I hope. It will be 4′ wide by 2′ deep and 2′ high. It might be better suited for your bigger bait.

  10. We purcahsed the bait pen as a Christmas Gift for my husband
    It is compact for traveling THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT We live in the NE

  11. Hey there, this looks like a great product you made… I am thinking of using the smaller one to hold eels off of my slip. How do you think this would contain those slippery bastards and how can I order one..
    Thanks, Rich

  12. Hi Rich,
    It does NOT hold eels. I had a customer try it. While he could not figure out how they were getting out he said they slowly disappeared from the pen. Having fished eels many times myself I know they are slippery and can be very strong. I suspect they were climbing out of the water and forcing their way under the lid which is held down by an elastic lanyard.

  13. Can the floats be removed so we can lower to the bottom or just off the bottom ? In my marina the top 36″ of the water column becomes very warm and my baits seems to die much quicker so i lower to a cooler column bait stays better.

    Thank You

  14. Hi Mike,
    There are 2 floats on each pen attached by 3 cable ties each. It would be simple to cut the 6 ties and remove the floats. You might still want to put a brick or weight in the bottom of the pen to keep it submerged, they aren’t very heavy. Not like a metal pen.


  15. Tim,
    Looks like a great product. I have a 21ft. Maverick Master Angler, which has 90 gallons worth of livewell space. I am interested in your 107 Gallon model. How long do you think it will hold 400 Pilchards if stored in good cool tidal flow?

    Thanks, Capt. Jason

  16. Hi Capt. Jason,
    Wow, 400 is a lot of bait. Over the years it has become apparent that if you leave your bait pen in the water for at least 3-5 days prior to putting your bait in the bait will last longer. Part of the diet of Pilchards or sardines is algae so I assume by leaving the pen in the water a few days lets algae get started on the screen which then provides food for the bait.

    My neighbor leaves hers in the water all the time taking it out a few times a year to power wash it. I went to pull it up the other day and there was so much algae I couldn’t lift it because the water was extremely slow to drain. She keeps pinfish for weeks and menhaden for up to 2 weeks. Menhaden are not hardy in captivity.

    But 400 is a lot of fish. With a nice cool current I’d bet on a week. but I’ve never tried it so I can’t be sure.

    Since I don’t know where you’re from how big are the pilchards you get? I’m figuring 3-4 inches?

  17. do you make one that will fit in a 5 gal bucket? When I wade fish I pick up some live shrimp in a 5 gal bucket and would like some type of basket to fit in the bucket that I can drag behind me as I fish.

    thanks, jim

  18. Hello
    Received my Bait Basket a few hours ago and all I have to say is:

    I already have it tied to my dock and my neighbors where all impressed with it as well.
    I have a feeling I may end up be the neighborhood live bait supplier.

    Just wanted to thank you for a great product and also mention that I appreciated the super fast shipping.

    Very impressed and will recommend your company to others


    Palm Harbor FL

  19. I camp/fish for up to 4 days. Saltwater. Sheepshead.
    I can’t keep ice long enough to store my catch that long.
    You think your big pen would keep 5 -10 sheepshead contained And alive for 3 to4 days?
    Say about 15 ” and 3lbs each?

  20. The bigger one would for sure. The 2 foot one might have trouble holding 10 fish that big. My neighbor was catching mangrove snapper, about 10-13 inches long and putting them in her 2′ bait pen for a week. She had nearly 7 or 8 in there once when I saw them and they looked healthy and not terribly crowded. Throw a handful of shrimp in with them.


  21. The mesh is 1/4 inch. It will keep all but the tiniest live shrimp so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with your pilchards even as small as 1/2 inch, which is awful small for bait.

  22. What I do is lay my net towards the front on the bottom of the pen then lift the pen, keeping it tilted forwards until there is no water in the back. A lot of the bait will end up in the net.

  23. I’ve had problems with catfish eating through regular nylon netting to get to the bait and leaving the pen full of holes. Is that a problem with ,the material you are using?

  24. Hi Rick,
    The netting I use is also used to hold down loads on trucks. It is extremely tough. Unless you have catfish with razor blade sharp teeth they will not get through my netting. The only animal I ever had get through it was a rat. They are able to slowly gnaw holes. But I have also seen them gnaw through aluminum siding.

  25. Hi Daniel,
    I don’t know much about sea lions. Do they have real sharp teeth like a rat? I know a rat can, given enough time, chew through the plastic net. But it takes the gnawing kind of teeth a rat has. I had an alligator trying to get in one and he couldn’t do it.

    I’ve never heard of anyone keeping live squid. I’m sure the pen will hold them but do they survive in captivity? I don’t know.


  26. looking to buy the bigger pen for scup and bluefish. we use the scup for striped bass and the blues for sharks.. only would be keeping six or seven 16″ blues in the pen. when using it for blues. do you think it is strong enough to hold the blues? pretty tough fish.. also, if I call in my order this morning could I get it by thursday evening?

  27. It will hold blues.

    Place your order online, any time today, and I’ll have it in the hands of FedEx by Wednesday evening. Depending on where in the USA you’re located you’ll have it 1-4 days later.

  28. Hey Tim – I have been searching for something like this for a while, I do fly -in trips to remote lakes in Canada for a week long. Even with an areated bucket I am lucky to have live bait for a few days. It seems that most of your customers are salt water fisherman. So my question’s are could the 2′ model hold 100/ 2-3 inch shiner minnows? And any thoughts if otters or Beavers could damage it etc.? Appreciate your reply & thanks. Ken

  29. Hi Ken,
    I think the 100 minnows would not be a problem.

    BUT, I have heard of people with otter problems and I don’t think the net would stand up to an otter chewing on it. And a beaver would be even worse. I think a beaver could chew through the PVC tube so they’d have no problem destroying the pen and getting at your bait. I think you need to look at metal cages to stop either.

    • Thanks for your honesty Tim, I may still give your bait holder a try. I have to consider the size & weight of a metal cage pen. As you know there is nothing like live bait!

    • Hi Larry,
      Wow, I’ve never had anyone need to replace the net. What is wrong with it?

      I have been thinking about selling a rebuild kit but I thought it would only need the floats, cover lanyard and the cable ties for those 2 items. Never considered selling the netting.

      I assume you have the 2×2 pen? I will figure out what the net costs and let you know.

  30. Hey guys- looks like you have a great product. I am up in new england and primarily fish for stripers and tuna. Would like to keep mackerel, pogies, and/or herring in the pen, probably not more than 3 or 4 days at a time. Would i be able to get away with the smaller pen for say 2 dozen mackerel or similar sized bait for 3 or 4 days? thx

    • Hi Brian,
      I’ve never kept mackerel in my pen but I am familiar with herring. I was a New England striper fisherman once too. Got tired of the cold and came south.

      I don’t think the small pen is quite big enough for 2 dozen 8 inch herring and I would think mackerel would need even more room to swim.

      But I’m a little on the fence about this too. If you had the pen in a good current of nice clean cold water, the 2×2 might work.

  31. I am interested in the 2′ round pinfish cage. I have a couple of questions. I live on a canal, so I leave the cage in all the time. When I trap pinfish I usually catch about 100. Will this size cage support that many? Secondly: Since the cage is in the water all the time, the growth is fast. I have to frequently remove the cage and pressure wash and even then it is hard to get much of the growth off. Do you know if anyone has tried to apply anti-fouling paint? If so has it been successful? Thank you for any comments you can offer.

    • Hi Jim,
      100 pinfish is a lot but are they 3″ or 10″? I think you want the 4x2x2 pen for that many bait.

      I pull my pen at least once a month and hose it off. Then I let it dry in the sun for a few days to kill any barnacles that have started. I’ve never heard of anyone trying to paint it and I don’t think the paint would stick well to the netting.

      Maybe you need to keep 2 pens so you can rotate them out of the water once a week. After a week in the water a strong hose spray is enough to keep the growth off.

      Hope this helps,

  32. Hi Tim, I’m looking at the 2′ receiver. I fish mainly in CA and need a portable receiver to keep my bait overnight while fishing white seabass. Will the 2′ keep a scoop of sardines, squid, or anchovies overnight?

    • Sardines will do fine overnight, anchovies I’m not familiar with but unless they are extremely hard to keep they will be fine. I’ve never tried to keep squid alive but the only thing I’ve ever had trouble keeping in my pens are eels. And that is because eels will come out of the water and force their way under the top which is hels secure by an elastic lanyard. Eels are pretty strong and tough so I don’t think squid will be able to do that.

      But I have no idea how well squid do in captivity.

      Hope this helps,

  33. Any experiance from anyone around Okeechobee keeping shiners in your pens. The large one should hold around 200, is that about right?

  34. Hello,

    I just ordered the 2×2 and am stoked to get it. How soon do you think I will receive the item. I live in california and ready to put it to good use! It sounds like a product everyone needs out here! :) thank you!

    • It will go out Monday. I ship via FedEx, they will email you tracking info Monday afternoon. I think from FL to CA is about 3 days.


  35. Greetings, Curious if your 2×2 Bait pen would be good to use for holding live shrimp. We fish in southeastern LA all year long, and this looks like an excellent item to have in keeping the bait alive and healthy. If so, how much for shipping to 70448 ? Thanks.

    • The 1/4 inch mesh holds all but the tiniest of shrimp. I’ve pulled my pen out and found shrimp in it that are too small to put on a hook. Apparently they floated in when just brine shrimp and could not get out once they grew a little.

  36. Hi Tim,
    Can the pens handle a pressure washing? Later in the summer the growth comes fast and heavy in the NE. Also, I typically use mackerel for bait and am looking at the 4x2x2 to keep a couple dozen in at a time. Thanks!

    • Hi Mark,
      The frame and screen can take the pressure washing. I think the foam float would probably break up under direct pressure so you’d have to be careful of it. My neighbor keeps her pen in the water 24/7. It gets completely covered with growth. She claims her bait (white bait) eat the algae and stay alive longer and it seems she might be right, she always has bait. She power washes it clean every now and then.

  37. Will this pin keep out crabs and not allow them to cut the netting? I had a Frabill bait pin that lasted only two weeks before it was torn to trash. I also keep bait pins at my dock for long periods of time. Will they hold up to this abuse?

    • Yes, I use mine to hold blue crabs until I get enough for a meal. They try to rip the net to get out and sometimes leave little marks but they do not tear the net.

  38. I want to enter a small bass fishing tournament. I just have a small john boat and I was wondering if you could keep bass in these.Can I?

    • I assume you mean in place of a live well. If so the answer is yes, bass would do fine in one of my bait pens for a day. The problem would be transporting them. I don’t think you could start up your outboard and drag a pen of bass around behind you. The basket would be alright but I don’t think the bass would survive the water speed.

      My neighbor has a cooler on a seat in her boat with a bilge pump that pumps water into it. She drilled a hole near the top with a PVC drain pipe that lets the overflow run back out of the boat. Works pretty well to keep caught fish for the day.

  39. the product looks great but there isn’t any reviews for freshwater inland lakes. what is your return policy if it isn’t what I am looking for?

    • The only problem I’ve ever encountered in fresh water is otters. If you have otters, especially in a small lake or pond, they will find your bait in your pen and they can gnaw thru the netting.

      Because of the size, shipping is very expensive. But if you wanted to return the pen, unused in the original box I would refund the price of the pen, you pay the shipping both ways.

  40. Hello! I would like to use your pen to keep shad alive in Arkansas. Floating will not work as surface temps get to 80 degrees. I would like to use at my boat slip and submerge 5 or 6 foot down. Resting on the bottom won’t work as the slips are floating and the pen would get turned over, dragged or get hung up. My question is: is the pen constructed so it can be suspended by the rope without tearing loose and can the rope be used to retrieve the whole pen to access the opening? It looks like it would. I understand removing the noodle floats is necessary. May be the pen I’ve been looking for. thanks

    • The rope is attached by 7 cable ties. I’d remove the floats and but just enough weight in the bottom to keep the pen submerged. Also, since the rope is attached on the lids opening side, I’d add a second rope to the opposite side so it floats straight.

  41. I fish Lake of the Woods all summer for walleye with small and medium ciscos. Is the netting weave small enough to keep medium and small minnows from escaping

    • Hey Mitch,
      See the photo above of a dime on the netting. The netting is pretty fine. It is sold as 1/4″ but that is to the center of the strands of mesh meaning the actual hole or space is less than 1/4.” I don’t think you could put a shiner, small enough to get through that, on a hook.
      But I have to admit to not knowing exactly what a cisco is.

    • Hi Burns,
      I do not know what a cracker is. I don’t even know if it’s fresh or saltwater. But I will say 120, 4″ bait fish of a variety that is very hardy will survive overnight in a 2×2. But most of 120 menhaden, which do not do well at all in captivity, would die overnight.

        • I think croaker are very hardy. I never saw one that small but I think 120, 4″ croaker would survive the night in a 2×2. That is a lot of bait in one basket, it would have to be in water that moves some to be sure they are getting plenty of oxygen. If the water is still they might not get enough to breath.

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